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TWO Hikvision 1MP Complete CCTV Cameras System

TWO CCTV Cameras Security Surveillance Complete System Kit Package Set up Sales Including the 17 Inch Computer Monitor display  Screen – Kshs.19,800

The Package Includes:
1. 1 set of High Quality Turbo HD Four Channels Hikvision Digital Video Recorder (DVR Machine).
2. 2 Pieces of Genuine High Quality HD Hikivision IR CCTV Cameras Indoor and outdoor with night vision (Dome and Bullet) 720p Internet Enabled Cameras 
3.1 Piece of 500GB Western Digital,Seagate or Hitachi Hard Drive or Hard disk or Cameras Recording Memory
4.1 set of 4 ports 5 Amperes Centralized CCTV Power Supply Box Unit
5. 50M Rogers or Siamese or Coaxial Two-in-one RG 59 Signal and power CCTV Cameras cable Roll
5.  17 inch computer monitor Display Screen
6. ✔6 Bnc and DC jack power connectors

7✔ Labour or workmanship. We have two trust-able,reliable, honest and Professional Technicians or Installers to whom we refer all our customers.These are Edwin and  Joseph*.Their numbers are *0718564183 for Edwin* and and *0725810923 for Joseph* .They have *over Four years of in-depth experience in Security CCTV Cameras Surveillance Systems*.Hiring one these two security experts be assured that you have the best setup possible for your needs.They have *capability to identify things that a home or business owner may not think about*.They are able to correctly set cameras’ various features for the areas observed, the distance, and focal length so that the footage captured by the cameras provides sufficient quality and that the people who are videotaped are in focus and can be clearly identified. Proper testing after installation will confirm the proper setup after they have done the installation for you. Contact anyone of these two security professionals regarding the installation and initial property assessment. *Let him do the site survey free of charge of where the installation will take place to 1.Determine *where to mount the cameras* to maximize their coverage area to avoid creating blind spots that substantially reduce the efficiency of your surveillance system.They determine which areas are most vulnerable and need to be covered 2..Determine the *amount of materials needed for complete Installation* 3.Design a good *installation plan* that will result in good coverage and high video quality results,4.Determine the *best types of cameras* be used in certain Position, their specifications, as well as their positions during the installation process 5.*Identify the areas that require security monitoring*. Negotiate installation charges and arrange about the installation with him. They dont overcharge customers. After negotiation and agreement we shall pack for him the materials needed for the installation, let him do the installation and pay after installation to our Till Number 125883(One-stop Technologies) ..


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